The 3 Hurdles of Alignment: Part 1

Read the latest post on our blog, by Director of Innovation for PE and Sport, John Parsons:

“I’ve worked with some schools who are very clear on their values and beliefs – they are often the first thing you see when you arrive in reception and say all the things you’d want a school to be about– but, perhaps, don’t see how PE and Sport fits into this ‘bigger picture’ and align to these beliefs and values. As a consequence, curriculums are often ‘sport led’ because of tradition, rather than ‘child and learning led’ (I’ll explore this more in Part 2), often because of a belief that ‘this is what we have to do isn’t it?’ As a consequence, PE and Sport has often been delivered in a way that is not always inclusive and often not personalised. In some schools, I have read how essential physical activity and development is to the development of every child within the school, yet PE is postponed during the months of November and December or missing PE is used as a way to manage poor behaviour.”

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