Across the globe

The past year has seen Create, yet again, exercising its influence far and wide, delivering keynotes and courses across the globe.

In May, Managing Director, Ronnie Heath, delivered the keynote speech at The Federation of British International Schools in Asia (FOBISIA) PE Conference in Hong Kong which was attended by 53 schools in the Far East. There, we demonstrated how ‘real PE’ can provide all children with the physical literacy and emotional and thinking skills for school, sport and life.

In April Create Development Directors John Parsons and Tim Dancer delivered ‘real PE’ to PE staff at Brighton College Al Ain in Abu Dhabi. Ronnie and John returned East in September to deliver ‘real PE’ to a cluster of four schools in Shanghai, before visiting schools to research how it is that Shanghai delivers the best performing Maths students in the world. Whilst we observed how a cultural growth mindset really accelerates learning, they were far more interested in Create’s progressive approach recognising the need for students to be more creative and independent with ability to apply their skills better.

We have also paid two visits to the staff at the National Athlete Development Agency in Dublin to deliver training in all areas of ‘real PE’, and they in turn have sent staff across to England to observe ‘real PE’ in action. They have already started generating their own cohorts in Ireland.

Next year will see Create deliver a ‘real PE’ Conference in Singapore in February, before turning our attentions to arrangements for Thailand, Japan and Canada.