Day 10 Oakfield Summer School

The last day of Summer Camp! It has been an adventurous experience for the children as well as the mentors. We started the day by completing the pupils’ booklets, saying what they achieved and how summer camp has helped them. Afterwards, we played the “Flower Game” where we attempted to hit a cone by throwing balls. After a break of juice and cake (it is Fletcher’s birthday) we helped the children create a shape that represented their learning power and taught each other our shape. We then put them together and worked out a routine to music. They loved this. We all recorded our routine and watched it at lunchtime. We had an amazing lunch again and we also played Dobble and Uno again and all the children liked this although a couple of the mentors were cheating.

After lunch everyone practised their assembly for Oakfield got talent. Bella did roller skating and talked about her confidence to do this which will help her in year 7. Bailey did a comedy act with some jokes that were funny and others that weren’t! All the children did a great job and really showed the audience all the great work they have been doing all week.

Oakfield Summer School1







Oakfield Summer School

Day 9 Oakfield Summer School

Today we had a special visitor, Rose McGrandle, a professional skeleton athlete and she will be taking part after break. The energiser in the morning was the hand tennis quarter finals. The mentors teamed up with a partner and analysed the flaws, the things they did well and what they can do better. It was JOSH v LIAM in the final. It came down to 14-14 and Liam finished off with a low throw catching Josh off-guard.

We then moved to the break with games of Uno. As expected, Fletcher finished first then everybody else finished first. We then listened to Rose McGrandle telling us about her experience as a skeleton athlete. She explained how she was selected to become an athlete, what difficulties she had to overcome and she answered questions. Then we played Zombies which required the team to communicate well but due to hyperactivity we failed the challenge (keep the zombie from sitting on the chair)!

Lunch was amazing. We all had wraps and some of us played group Uno whilst others played Dobble.

After lunch the mentors led the “Bench Game”. It requires teamwork and communication. Team “Cricket Cake” gets on one bench and “Choco Chips” gets on another. We then challenge each other to get in order around shoe size, age, etc. Afterwards, the children reviewed the activity analysing what went well and what could have been better.

At the end of the day it was time to plan for the assembly for Friday and everybody took part.
Oakfield Summer School

Day 8 Oakfield Summer School

Today is the 8th day of the summer camp. We didn’t have a S.O.D.A, and we went straight to doing the FUNS challenge to get the children energetic and to be more active.

After many trials and challenges, the children filled in their board according to their finished challenges and set new targets for the next time we do the FUNS challenges. Then we moved onto break with delicious biscuits and drinks. Chloe and Liam started playing Dobble while George and Ben played Uno. During the Dobble match, Giggs and Ellie helped Chloe and eventually, Chloe won! On the other hand, Ben won against George using a quick combo, leaving George raging with frustration.

Afterwards, we were going into the challenges we did yesterday however, we were aiming to achieve a better score or to perform better! Retrying the challenge “Tunnels”, we eventually found the secret to the challenge is to roll it slowly and you will get more points in a short time. Levi and Bella showed resilience during the exchange object challenge even though they both failed the previous 5 tries. Bailey tried his best in every challenge he took part in.

After lunch, the mentors were given the task to lead the children into doing the “Human Knot”. Through communication and teamwork they had to unknot the ‘Human Knot’.

Finally we finished the day with preparation for the talent show at the end of the week by telling people about their talents and why they will be useful for year 7. For example: Bailey likes to make people laugh and make friends so he decided to find jokes on the internet and make the Friday audience laugh. He decided that this will boost his confidence and he can transfer this to make friends in year 7.

Day 2 Oakfield Summer School

The children came in this morning and were really happy and ready to go for the day. As soon as they arrived they were helping each other with their work, finding the right pages that they needed to be on and just generally encouraging each other to do what they needed to do. We took them into the hall and we played Hi Baby. The aim of the game was to get as many high fives as they could in a certain amount of time. This would be challenging for them because this is really the first time that they have had to interact with everyone, not just the people in their group. They all threw themselves into the challenge of getting as many different high fives from as many different people as they could. There were loads of smiles and lots of laughter which showed that they enjoyed the challenge of having to interact.

After break, we took the group to play River Crossing. The aim of the game is to get from one side of the river to the other without letting your feet leave the hoops (stones). This game has 7 different levels ranging from easy to hard. They seemed to really enjoy the challenge and were getting involved in what they were doing.

We took them back and got them to do ‘reverse time shares’. When Ciaran had his turn to have others speak about him, Ulanda said “It was really funny how I fell off you when you gave me a piggy back, but it was ok because we just laughed and carried on”. Ulanda then had to listen to others speak about her and Chloe said “It was really good how she made us all laugh and feel happy when we were taking part in the challenge”.

After lunch the group watched videos about superheroes. This helped to prepare them for when they started to make their own superheroes which we are going to show at the end of the week. They got involved in conversation with each other and really thought about their answers.

Day 3 Oakfield Summer School

The children came in this morning all smiling and ready to go for the day. Everybody was smiling and chatting about the day ahead and were all looking forward to finishing the Super Heroes they made.The pupils filled in the Day 2 box and were all drawing these amazing pictures of what they did on Day 2.

They were all enthusiastic about playing the 123 game, and all set challenges for themselves making the actions to each number a lot harder and all of them overcame that challenge. They  came up with all these different actions and were willing to help any other pairs that were stuck for ideas, and teaching them their action.

It was then break and everyone tucked into the biscuits and drink laid out for them.

After break everyone was up and ready for playing Throw Tennis. All the group got involved and challenged themselves by making it harder or easier if they found it a struggle. Everyone enjoyed it and all had big smiles on their faces whether they won or lost. They wrote their scores onto a flip chart and all want to have finals later on this week.

We went back to  the tables, and discussed what challenged us and how to overcome it. Finn said ” my challenge was to play against Jess”and I overcame it by using tactics”.

After lunch we played the bench game.

We were split into our teams ‘cricket cake’ and ‘chocolate chip’. Everyone worked really well in a team and were all helping each other when moving across the bench. We challenged ourselves by making it harder. For example in team ‘cricket cake’ we decided that Liam was the only person allowed to talk. This was challenging as we weren’t allowed to communicate.

We then came back and started to finish off Super Heroes.

Everyone came up with brilliant ideas of what they could put on their Super Heroes and how it could represent the 6 learning powers. They all took part and taking on different roles of what to add to the Super Hero. Everybody was laughing and smiling and  getting stuck in.

Once they completed their Super Heroes, we started planning for our assembly on Friday. Matt gave us different levels of what to do for the assembly. Both teams chose to challenge themselves by picking the hardest levels. We came up with different ideas for the assembly and everyone put in their best effort. It was  3’oclock, time to go home, but all smiling from what a great day we’d had! 

Day 4 Oakfield Summer School

On Day 4 at Summer School, the children welcomed the new arrival, Fletcher! Liam very kindly explained to Fletcher what he has missed and he caught up very quickly. Finn also helped out Fletcher by remembering 5 out of 6 of the learning powers!

After completing the SODA (start of the day activity) of writing about what they enjoyed and learnt yesterday, the children took part in a game called the human chain, similar to the human knot but involving a hoop. The aim is to pass the hoop around the circle without breaking hands. This took some time to get the hang of because a lot of communication was needed, however one team eventually got their personal time down to 17 seconds which is pretty impressive!

Next, the children were challenged to the nine dot challenge and the reverse pyramid which took a lot of thinking and resilience. The aim of the reverse pyramid was to literally reverse the pyramid in as few moves as possible. After several tries and attempts, some children managed to get this down to three moves. The children then enjoyed a well deserved break which consisted of cups of juice and probably one too many biscuits! Fletcher told Matt that he ‘looked like a sports legend’ which made Matt very happy for the rest of the day.

After break, the children did some self reflection on how to solve problems. Finn suggested  “thinking outside the box” to help him solve the nine dot challenge. They wrote some things down in their booklets which will hopefully  help them out in the future.

After this the children took part in  Throw Tennis which they did yesterday too. This activity went down very well and everyone was laughing and having loads of fun. They had five minute games against their opponent then had one minute to record their scores before playing a new game against someone different.

After the very competitive tennis tournament, the mentors  asked some questions for the children to answer. The mentors stood in areas around the school to which their questions were related. The children had to look for them then answer their questions. The answers were revealed after lunch and the winner was announced!

After lunch, the children took part in  mentor led , ‘domes and dishes’, which prepared them for the array of afternoon activities, including another round of Throw Tennis, and assembly preparation. This energiser also taught the children about the importance of team work and communication within a team.

This game was followed by lots of assembly preparation. From plays to power points, the assembly is set to be spectacular. The parents/carers are in for a real treat!

Day 4 and Day 5 City Heights Summer School

Thursday: Day 4

Fun, fun and more fun had by all the students today, again the students have been buzzing with enthusiasm in all the activities. Domes and Dishes brought out their competitive side as they showed off their new and improved co-ordination, communication and teamwork skills. All Change encouraged the students to strategise, focus and use their social intelligence to complete the set task and adapt quickly following instructions. This afternoon it’s been all go as students have been working on what they are going to perform and present to the parents tomorrow. One day to go.

Friday: Day 5 Our Last Day 🙁

Tired but determined is the feel of the day, lots of energising activities and reflection of how the week has gone and the progress the students feel they have made. Extra preparation and rehearsals ahead of the big event this afternoon. The students, mentors and staff have all had an exciting, fun and challenging week with visible progress of how far the students have come from the beginning of the week. A big thank you to the Create development team from all the students and staff at City Heights Academy.

A fantastic week had by all!

Day 1, 2 and 3 City Heights Summer School

Monday : Day 1

There was a mixture of nerves and excitement as the students entered for their first day of Summer Camp. Supported by the Create Development team and fantastic Year 8 mentors, the students first set personal targets for the week. Energising group activities enabled the students to get to know each other better and challenge themselves. The use of reviews and reflection helped them to think about ways they could improve tasks and push themselves further. By the end of the day the students left buzzing, thinking about the skills – creative, cognitive, personal and social – they would be working on in the week ahead.

Tuesday: Day 2

With curiosity and enthusiasm being the order of the morning, the students entered discussing what activities they thought they would be doing and asking lots of questions about the day. They engaged in feeding back what they had enjoyed from the previous day and what they could do to continue to challenge themselves. The ‘River Crossing’  game was a hit with the students and they identified the skills they needed to be successful as a team and also how they could make the activity more challenging. Excitement continued after lunch as the students focused on attributes they would need to succeed at school. Creative skills were in force as the students had fun creating a superhero they felt represented these attributes. Another fun day!

Wednesday: Day 3

Confident and optimistic students, chatting and smiling, entered on Day 3. Gasps filled the room as the special guest for the day, Olympic athlete Chris Gregory arrived, towering over all the other adults and students. Excitement was at an all time high as the students took part in activities to test their concentration and reaction times. Working well in their teams, the children enjoyed competing against themselves in a challenge to test their grit and determination. Lunchtime, as always, was one of the highlights of the day. In the afternoon the children were all pumped up and rearing to go. Full of energy and with lots of chatting, the students completed learning power super heroes before settling down at the end of the session to watch an iMovie of the day.

A challenging day was had by all!

Day 10 Heathfield Summer School

“The last 2 weeks has been unforgettable and we have met some great people.  We hope we have helped all the pupils and wish themwell both at Heathfield and in later life. As well as having a great time they have developed a range of skills at the Summer School that will help them at secondary school.  Helping the children has been a great opportunity too for the leaders and something we will look back on with a smile.”

Heathfield Summer School

Day 9 Beech Academy Summer School

Activity 1

The day started as every day with the SODA  where old targets were assessed and new ones set. Jonathon said his target was to lead a group discussion and give feedback as to whether the pupils had hit their targets. He told a mentor that at some point he would ask them to come and watch him hit his target. This was good to hear as it showed he was really keen to hit his higher level target. He was pushing himself to be the best he could be and it was great asking the mentor to act as a witness. Nathan’s target was to ask other people how he could improve in a task and he would then give feedback, either backing up or rejecting these suggestions. This showed Nathan acting as a real team player.

Activity 2

The energiser for the day was led by the student mentors. They decided on ‘To Bank or Not to Bank’ as this was a favourite with the children. It was fantastic to see Jonathon meeting his target of being helpful and cooperative by collecting the bean bags after they had been thrown. The activity was led brilliantly by the mentors and the children showed teamwork, encouraging and praising each other.

Activity 3

The ‘Dance Sequence’ involved the tutor groups coming up with a simple routine with four moves that they could perform together in time to music.  Despite some difficulties every group put together a sequence and performed their routine in front of the other groups.  Amy said she normally wouldn’t perform in front of people and found it hard in drama due to her shyness. She said this activity would give her more confidence in drama and when having to make presentations in other subjects. Despite Amy’s group making some mistakes during their routine they persevered and didn’t stop or let this affect the rest of their performance.   Lucy led her group keeping to the beat and the others in her group followed.  Her group saw her as their natural leader and Jack commented how Lucy was a good leader because when he was struggling with one of the moves she decided to make the move easier for him.

At lunch time David asked to sit next to one of the mentors as he said he hadn’t sat next to them for a few days while Amy sat with the other mentors which she hadn’t done before. Good manners were again brilliant with Lucy and Ceryn going around offering the spare sandwiches and with India offering fruit and Jack the drinks. There were many please and thank yous shared among the group, a real improvement and development from the first day.

After lunch the group played its usual game of ‘Capture the Flag’. It was great to see the honesty of the kids admitting to being caught. Ceryn admitting she was not in the safe zone when she had been tagged by Jonathon. When teams were chosen no one complained about not being with their friends and just accepted the decisions.

Activity 4

This activity was a repeat of the baseline assessment activities that were played on Day 1. Straightaway it was evident that the groups had learnt from last time they had played these activities. With the 9 star challenges Ceryn immediately demonstrated her problem solving skills by suggesting they try and connect the 9 stars with 5 lines as this was easiest way to score points. However, Lucy said she wanted to aim for 4 line connection as this was more difficult and would score a lot more points.  On the ‘Drainpipe Challenge’ Amy reminded the group that if they didn’t get low enough the ball would miss the target.  On the ‘Five Cone Challenge’ Ceryn reminded her group how it needed to be completed so they left the majority of the task to Ceryn to ensure they got a lot of points. They helped when she got stuck, kept to their clear roles and it worked a treat. This was a fine example of how far the children had come over the two weeks.

Activity 5

The group practised their presentations for Friday to perform in front of their class, student mentors, adult mentors and family. Video clips for the presentations were recorded and the Jack worked hard on this. Everything he said he related to the many different learning powers and how this would help him especially In KS3.  Every child had a different skill for their presentation and it was fantastic to see them aiming for 4 stars or higher.

Summer School is coming to a close with one more day for so much to be achieved by these amazing children. Targets were set higher than ever before and everybody – the children, student mentors, adult mentors and families – should be incredibly proud of everything they have achieved. The change the kids have gone through is incredible with some unrecognisable from Day 1. It has been a pleasure to see this happen. Every child loved every minute of it and I’m certain they will miss it. The mentors and student mentors were brilliant and achieved so much, I cannot speak highly enough of them.  Summer School has been absolutely amazing for these children and I’m sure it will continue to help them at every school they go to.

Day 9 Heathfield Summer School

The day got off to a great start with the second part of ‘Throw Tennis’! 

We all had a lot of fun playing the game and many of the pupils came up with some awesome strategies. Everyone was getting involved and having a great time! 

Then, after a short interval, we had the quarter finals, semi- finals and finals!

Congratulations to all the players and especially to Henry for winning! 

Heathfield Summer School







Heathfield Summer School

Day 3 Heathfield Summer School

Day 3. Off to a great start !! 

Today, we met David Hall, who is a paralympian who could have been a lazy person, but has chosen to live his life, which is a great life. He will always carry on inspiring people and keep encouraging others to follow their dreams, as he done exactly that. Just look at what he has achieved!

We have done a lot of things today like ‘river crossing’ and ‘bank or not to bank’ and a lot of making thinks like our learning Super Heroes. It was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to the next day.

Day 3 St Gregory the Great Summer School

Day 3 has been our best day yet! From the morning activities with energised and perky mentors, to the new lunch time fun, right through to the physical activities in the sports hall. All added up to a fantastic time together!

Our theme was our looking at how we are coping with challenge and the day certainly threw up some great moments for us to work on this particular skill.

Our first activity was to play a new game called ‘tunnel rounders’ and we had a great time. All of us were really involved and we found out quickly from our mentors that were keeping secret stats on us that we were starting to display really great team work and that many of us are able to help our team with praise and support even if we are not directly involved!

After a quick break we played 2 more new games called ‘like clockwork’ and ‘all change’. Both games were good fun and were really energetic too! We were given many different tasks to perform and challenges to try to work towards throughout the games and some of them were really hard but we all tried our best!

Finally we had an afternoon where we were trying to finish off our design for our super hero! We were allowed to select loads of building materials and have now agreed on what our hero will look like and have even started building it with card, bottles, pipe cleaners, paper and loads of other bits too! 

We finished with another amazing iMovie of our day and are now ready for some rest before we look forward to our athlete visitor coming tomorrow

Day 3 Maiden Beech Academy Summer School

The pupils started the day with a SODA session where they reflected on yesterday. They looked at the goals they had set themselves and with the help of their mentors they decided whether they had achieved their target or not. If they felt that they hadn’t, then their target was kept the same but if they felt they had, they were given a new target. Amy said that her target yesterday was to attempt all activities even when faced with difficulties. She and her mentor agreed that this had been achieved so her new target was to smile even when faced with challenges. After the targets had been set the pupils had to discuss why these targets would be important in Key Stage 3. Jack’s target, which was to pay attention, would be helpful to him as he said if he started paying attention in lessons he would learn more easily and quickly and improve his grades.

Activity 1

The first activity was called 123. This activity required pairs with each person taking it in turns to say every other number from 1-3. After each game, pairs would swap. Gradually more rules were added from clapping on number 1 to stomping of feet at number 3. Again as today was aimed at coping with challenges as more rules were added, the pupils made more mistakes. However, some claimed it was easier when actions were added. Jonathon commented that he found it hard saying the numbers in the right order but found it easier to remember the actions. David commented that he enjoyed this activity as his favourite lesson is drama, which involves little warm up activities like this one. He went further to say that in drama lessons he can sometimes get upset if he gets a warm up activity wrong but the activity 123 will help him deal with the disappointment in the future.

Activity 2

This activity was called All Change. This activity involved a lot of ball work and moving around and communicating. Again the activity started off quite simple. The mentors’ aim was to get most people to the complex stage of the activity. Once again more and more rules were added to the activity. The idea was again to make the activity more challenging so the pupils would have to cope with challenges but also to test the listening and understanding of the rules. A great deal of rules were added and the pupils were tested as to how well they could listen, understand and use these. This is clearly reflected in a lot of school life where there are lots of rules for the pupils to follow and how, in every lesson, they are given many different instructions which they have to listen to very closely. By the end of the activity many were in the stretch zone. This is the zone where we learn best so the challenge of the activity seemed to work. By the end of the activity Jonathon was making the challenge harder for himself by making up his own rule that he has to stand on one leg, keep one eye closed and catch the ball one handed. He really wanted to test himself and push himself. He did this without asking. This shows that he is actively seeking challenges all of which will bode well for the challenges in Key Stage 3

Activity 3

This activity was called Cup Grab. A cup was placed between two pupils, each takes it in turn to say “grab” and then it is the first person to grab the cup. The cup is on the floor and the pair starts with their hand behind the back whilst stood. After a few attempts at the game, Ceryn suggested to her partner to use their week hands and see if this makes a difference to how they perform and who wins. This showed some flair and creativity. She wanted to see if changing something would affect the results of the game. This will be extremely helpful in Science and Religious Education where the children are encouraged to question things, try things out and experiment. India also adapted the game without asking. This showed leadership and responsibility. When asked why she did this she said she wanted to try something different to see if it would be more fun. An inquisitive mind again will also be a huge help at school. Jonathan commented that he loves Summer School and wishes School could be like this every day.

Activity 4

This activity is aimed at making a presentation or performance on Friday about the learning powers that each pupil feels they have, or have improved at and why these will be helpful in Key Stage 3. The level of difficulty of this end of the week performance is up to the pupils. The aim was to get the pupils to want to perform a poem, song or drama play about their learning powers. Although some of the pupils seem happy to simply talk about their learning powers some have decided to make plays, songs and poems. David said that he was going to do a drama play as drama is his favourite lesson therefore this will be great practice for Key Stage 3. Amy said she was she wants to perform something that she doesn’t like doing in front of the class, so had decided to do a poem as it is different to what she would normally do and something gets nervous about at school. 

The day ended with the mentors giving out praise postcards to every member of their group, with a special mention about something they have done really well over the last few days. David said he can’t wait to go home and show his mum. The pupils were then shown the I-movie for the day which they all enjoyed. It again showed all the different activities, but different in that this one showed them with their work and their presentations that coming along really well.

It has been another hugely enjoyable day where some of the pupils have really excelled and are taking on lots of responsibilities especially in helping other people. One of these pupils was Jack who is really showing signs of growing into the role. A hugely pleasing thumbs-up moment came from Amy who said to a mentor she was really happy as she had made lots of new friends at the Summer School and this was her main aim before she came. Roll on tomorrow!

"Maiden Beech Academy"







"Maiden Beech Academy"

Day 2 St Gregory The Great Summer School

Our theme for the day was how we can cope with challenges!

Our start of the day activity was to reflect on all the things we did on day 1 and begin to write down the hopes and fears we have for our summer school this year….

We discussed in our groups all of the amazing people that we call heroes and heroines in our lives and many of us even saw our mums and dads as our very own super heroes because they look after us so much!

Our first activity was great fun….we played a numbers game called 1,2,3 and we all got involved….we even had some of our youngest members challenging people that they didn’t know very well at all!

A few groups even managed 4 star moves but if you don’t know summer school you won’t know what that means I guess! We get 4 stars for challenging someone that we don’t know well in the group to a game of something, and inventing a new part to the game that we are willing to show someone else!

Our break times have been good fun and today and lunch (spaghetti bolognese!)

We also now have some more activity time around lunch time which Mr Nicholls and Miss Noonnan have started!

Our afternoon activities were team juggling and river crossing games which challenged our ability to cope with new challenges,as this is something we will get at our new school in September.

We had a great time crossing the river but we nearly lost a few of us to Crocodiles!!

Later in the afternoon we had time to discuss the ‘super powers’ that we will need in September and had to create a pyramid of them too.

Finally we started to plan how we are going to build our Superheroes tomorrow!

Our IMovie has definitely captured our day and thanks to Jade and Jamie our budding filmmakers!

We can’t wait for tomorrow!

St Gregory





St Gregory

Day 2 Heathfield Summer School

Day 2 started great! Everyone turned up with a smile and got working straight away. After the book work was completed we went out to see two amazing police horses. The police officers told us a bunch of cool information about the horses and what they do. They even showed us one of the horses galloping, it was awesome! 

After we came in from the field we played a game called ‘Hi baby!’, everyone looked like they were having fun! Hi baby is a game were you walk, run, skip and side skip around an area and ‘high five’ and ‘baby five’ (below the knee) people. 

When we came back from lunch we played the bench game! In the bench game you move up or down the bench according to your your age, height or shoe size! We also introduced rules like no talking and no using certain moves!

We then started building a ‘learning superhero’ with learning powers! All the heroes were brilliant and everyone enjoyed building them! Once the models were finished everyone departed happy with smiles on their faces!

Heathfield Summer School







Heathfield Summer School

Day 4 Maiden Beech Academy Summer School

Activity 1

The Start of the Day recapped on what the children had done the previous day and whether or not they had met their target. They all felt that they had and were very positive.  The mentors explained how the focus would shift from coping with challenge towards solving problems with activities involving creative thinking and teamwork. The children recorded their target for the day.

Activity 2

In “Race Track” the children had to dribble a ball around a difficult course marked out with cones and then split into two teams. Each team had to design their own track and come up with rules. Josh thought the task was too easy, so his mentor asked him to solve the problem by making the course harder. Josh added the rule that the player who could go around the course with the least bounces would win. After the first round Josh noticed that Jack had won by a lot and Daisy put this down to his greater height. On the next round Josh was allowed to jump forward for every bounce of the ball.Problem solved! He said this problem solving would be useful at school as if he found something difficult he could try and find a different way around the problem. Ceryn took creativity further by jumping across the corners of the course thereby saving a few bounces and still keeping within the rules.

Activity 3

The Paralympian swimmer, David ?, arrived and told us he is now training for the triathlon. He has represented Team GB in the Paralympics and in European championships, winning many medals. His next target is the 2016 Rio Paralympics where he hopes to compete in the triathlon. He talked about how he has had to solve many problems in his life due to his disability and how he has had to overcome many problems in both sports. He showed the group tools that he uses to help both in his sport and everyday life. He inspired the children by showing them no matter what the challenge or puzzle it can be overcome. He then challenged the children to design a hand that could help them solve a problem that they might come across. Curtis designed a hand with a penknife, explaining that a penknife has many tools such as a knife, screw driver and bottle opener; therefore, this one tool could help him overcome many difficulties. India, Daisy, Curtis and Jack all said how this task would help them in DT, where they are often given a problem, have to think of a solution, design and produce a product.

Activity 4

In the “Hoop Challenge” the children were split into 2 teams. Each team had to get all its members to pass through a hoop as quickly as possible to beat the other team. They were given time to discuss how they could do it. David took on the role of leader and came up with an idea which worked brilliantly. The other group had seen what David had come up with and copied his basic idea and then changed it slightly to create their own unique solution. 

Activity 5

With the “Drain Pipe Challenge” the children had to transfer a golf ball via a drainpipe from one end of the play area to the other with the golf ball being deposited into a small cup on the floor.  The group often managed to get the ball to the cup only to find that when they tried to pour the ball into the cup it would miss. Ceryn thought rightly they were trying to drop the ball from too great a height and that the pipe needed to be closer to the cup. She said this activity would again be helpful in DT lessons as they sometimes have to achieve a target. She said the fact that she could recognise what they were doing wrong would be helpful when designs and constructions have to be altered or changed. She said it would also encourage her in lessons to pre-plan instead of diving straight in. Josh backed her up by saying if you take time to discuss and plan then the chances of success are a lot higher.

Activity 6

Forty playing cards were laid out on the floor. The mentor explained how he was going to give the whole group 5 minutes to study the cards and  was then going to turn them face down and point at 5 cards and see if the group could remember what they were. India straightaway noticed the 40 cards were split into 10 rows of 4 and explained that each of the 10 learners only had to remember a row each. The group got the 5 cards right and India was really pleased as she said Maths wasn’t her strongest subject. She felt this would give her confidence in Maths lessons and even when she thinks she is stuck she would try and find a solution to the problem. She also said how it was great everybody listened and followed her instructions as she is usually very quiet and not many people listen to what she has to say. She would now have a bit more confidence to speak her mind and try to get involved when there’s groupwork.

Activity 7

The last session was spent with the children working on their performances for Friday. It was great to hear them asking the mentors how they could get 4 or 5 stars. Josh was especially keen to get 5 stars and came up with many ideas to achieve this. It was brilliant to see all the children pushing themselves out of their comfort zones with many choosing to perform plays and songs, something many would not usually feel comfortable doing.

It was another great day with the group practicing really hard for their performances, and so full we had to postpone the I-movie of the day.

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Maiden Beech Summer School