Day 10 Oakfield Summer School

The last day of Summer Camp! It has been an adventurous experience for the children as well as the mentors. We started the day by completing the pupils’ booklets, saying what they achieved and how summer camp has helped them. Afterwards, we played the “Flower Game” where we attempted to hit a cone by throwing balls. After a break of juice and cake (it is Fletcher’s birthday) we helped the children create a shape that represented their learning power and taught each other our shape. We then put them together and worked out a routine to music. They loved this. We all recorded our routine and watched it at lunchtime. We had an amazing lunch again and we also played Dobble and Uno again and all the children liked this although a couple of the mentors were cheating.

After lunch everyone practised their assembly for Oakfield got talent. Bella did roller skating and talked about her confidence to do this which will help her in year 7. Bailey did a comedy act with some jokes that were funny and others that weren’t! All the children did a great job and really showed the audience all the great work they have been doing all week.

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Oakfield Summer School