Day 2 St Gregory The Great Summer School

Our theme for the day was how we can cope with challenges!

Our start of the day activity was to reflect on all the things we did on day 1 and begin to write down the hopes and fears we have for our summer school this year….

We discussed in our groups all of the amazing people that we call heroes and heroines in our lives and many of us even saw our mums and dads as our very own super heroes because they look after us so much!

Our first activity was great fun….we played a numbers game called 1,2,3 and we all got involved….we even had some of our youngest members challenging people that they didn’t know very well at all!

A few groups even managed 4 star moves but if you don’t know summer school you won’t know what that means I guess! We get 4 stars for challenging someone that we don’t know well in the group to a game of something, and inventing a new part to the game that we are willing to show someone else!

Our break times have been good fun and today and lunch (spaghetti bolognese!)

We also now have some more activity time around lunch time which Mr Nicholls and Miss Noonnan have started!

Our afternoon activities were team juggling and river crossing games which challenged our ability to cope with new challenges,as this is something we will get at our new school in September.

We had a great time crossing the river but we nearly lost a few of us to Crocodiles!!

Later in the afternoon we had time to discuss the ‘super powers’ that we will need in September and had to create a pyramid of them too.

Finally we started to plan how we are going to build our Superheroes tomorrow!

Our IMovie has definitely captured our day and thanks to Jade and Jamie our budding filmmakers!

We can’t wait for tomorrow!

St Gregory





St Gregory