Day 3 Maiden Beech Academy Summer School

The pupils started the day with a SODA session where they reflected on yesterday. They looked at the goals they had set themselves and with the help of their mentors they decided whether they had achieved their target or not. If they felt that they hadn’t, then their target was kept the same but if they felt they had, they were given a new target. Amy said that her target yesterday was to attempt all activities even when faced with difficulties. She and her mentor agreed that this had been achieved so her new target was to smile even when faced with challenges. After the targets had been set the pupils had to discuss why these targets would be important in Key Stage 3. Jack’s target, which was to pay attention, would be helpful to him as he said if he started paying attention in lessons he would learn more easily and quickly and improve his grades.

Activity 1

The first activity was called 123. This activity required pairs with each person taking it in turns to say every other number from 1-3. After each game, pairs would swap. Gradually more rules were added from clapping on number 1 to stomping of feet at number 3. Again as today was aimed at coping with challenges as more rules were added, the pupils made more mistakes. However, some claimed it was easier when actions were added. Jonathon commented that he found it hard saying the numbers in the right order but found it easier to remember the actions. David commented that he enjoyed this activity as his favourite lesson is drama, which involves little warm up activities like this one. He went further to say that in drama lessons he can sometimes get upset if he gets a warm up activity wrong but the activity 123 will help him deal with the disappointment in the future.

Activity 2

This activity was called All Change. This activity involved a lot of ball work and moving around and communicating. Again the activity started off quite simple. The mentors’ aim was to get most people to the complex stage of the activity. Once again more and more rules were added to the activity. The idea was again to make the activity more challenging so the pupils would have to cope with challenges but also to test the listening and understanding of the rules. A great deal of rules were added and the pupils were tested as to how well they could listen, understand and use these. This is clearly reflected in a lot of school life where there are lots of rules for the pupils to follow and how, in every lesson, they are given many different instructions which they have to listen to very closely. By the end of the activity many were in the stretch zone. This is the zone where we learn best so the challenge of the activity seemed to work. By the end of the activity Jonathon was making the challenge harder for himself by making up his own rule that he has to stand on one leg, keep one eye closed and catch the ball one handed. He really wanted to test himself and push himself. He did this without asking. This shows that he is actively seeking challenges all of which will bode well for the challenges in Key Stage 3

Activity 3

This activity was called Cup Grab. A cup was placed between two pupils, each takes it in turn to say “grab” and then it is the first person to grab the cup. The cup is on the floor and the pair starts with their hand behind the back whilst stood. After a few attempts at the game, Ceryn suggested to her partner to use their week hands and see if this makes a difference to how they perform and who wins. This showed some flair and creativity. She wanted to see if changing something would affect the results of the game. This will be extremely helpful in Science and Religious Education where the children are encouraged to question things, try things out and experiment. India also adapted the game without asking. This showed leadership and responsibility. When asked why she did this she said she wanted to try something different to see if it would be more fun. An inquisitive mind again will also be a huge help at school. Jonathan commented that he loves Summer School and wishes School could be like this every day.

Activity 4

This activity is aimed at making a presentation or performance on Friday about the learning powers that each pupil feels they have, or have improved at and why these will be helpful in Key Stage 3. The level of difficulty of this end of the week performance is up to the pupils. The aim was to get the pupils to want to perform a poem, song or drama play about their learning powers. Although some of the pupils seem happy to simply talk about their learning powers some have decided to make plays, songs and poems. David said that he was going to do a drama play as drama is his favourite lesson therefore this will be great practice for Key Stage 3. Amy said she was she wants to perform something that she doesn’t like doing in front of the class, so had decided to do a poem as it is different to what she would normally do and something gets nervous about at school. 

The day ended with the mentors giving out praise postcards to every member of their group, with a special mention about something they have done really well over the last few days. David said he can’t wait to go home and show his mum. The pupils were then shown the I-movie for the day which they all enjoyed. It again showed all the different activities, but different in that this one showed them with their work and their presentations that coming along really well.

It has been another hugely enjoyable day where some of the pupils have really excelled and are taking on lots of responsibilities especially in helping other people. One of these pupils was Jack who is really showing signs of growing into the role. A hugely pleasing thumbs-up moment came from Amy who said to a mentor she was really happy as she had made lots of new friends at the Summer School and this was her main aim before she came. Roll on tomorrow!

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