Day 3 Theale Green Summer School

Start of the day

Everyone came in and filled in the diary entry for Day 2 and the solving problems pages. The mentors discussed with the learners how they were and asked them if they had a lot of fun on Day 2.  We played an energiser game called ‘Team Juggling’ which everyone enjoyed. Then everyone sat down to watch the iMovie made by Georgia yesterday and we were introduced to the focus of the day – learning with others, something really important for being successful at secondary school! The mentors shared with the learners that they work with different people in nearly every lesson – pairs, groups and whole class projects! The mentors then discussed what it would look like if we were successfully working and learning with others, for example working with people we don’t usually work with, praising each other, giving clear instructions, showing patience, giving feedback and staying on task.

Morning Challenge

To bring the focus of today alive, we played the ‘Shepherd Game’.  The learners had to guide each other around an obstacle course; one being the shepherd and the other being the sheep. The biggest challenge was the sheep being blind-folded so needing good, clear, accurate instructions. The learners shared ideas on how to give good instructions and also how to stay patient when they got frustrated. The game got more challenging with obstacles and challenges being introduced meaning the shepherds had to apply what they had learnt from others. The final challenges were for learners to work with someone they haven’t done so far on summer school and then work in a group of 4……3 shepherds having to work together! Everyone enjoyed themselves and had a lot of fun.

Afternoon activity

After lunch the mentors led bench games outside in the shade with the learners standing on benches and working as a team to line themselves up in order depending on the challenge, e.g. alphabetical name order, height order, birthday dates and plenty more. Afterwards the mentors worked with the learners to review the morning’s learning, charting their progress and evidence in their pupil booklets.

Next we were told that on Friday there is a celebration assembly for the achievements at summer school. Parents/carers are invited to come and there is going to be a special guest!! The learners had some choices to make ~ 1 star – demonstrate what they have learnt at summer school; 2 stars – what learning powers they need to be successful at Theale Green; 3 stars – describe and show their learning champion and how their powers will help them be successful learners; 4 star – a drama performance, poem or dance to showcase their learning powers; 5 star – the X factor! We already have poems and songs being written, models being built and performances being planned! It was great that the learners got to apply all their learning from the week into the afternoon – learning with others, creative thinking and challenging themselves!

End of day

A final review with the mentors and then the day’s iMovie finished the day off!

Student quotes…..

Harvey said “Because of summer school I have become more patient at home”

Jack said “I have enjoyed making new friends as I am the only one coming from my school”

Charlotte said: I’ve learnt how to listen to instructions better”

Myah said: “Today I worked with someone I wouldn’t normally work with”

Matthew said: “I praised people a lot more today.”