Day 4 and Day 5 City Heights Summer School

Thursday: Day 4

Fun, fun and more fun had by all the students today, again the students have been buzzing with enthusiasm in all the activities. Domes and Dishes brought out their competitive side as they showed off their new and improved co-ordination, communication and teamwork skills. All Change encouraged the students to strategise, focus and use their social intelligence to complete the set task and adapt quickly following instructions. This afternoon it’s been all go as students have been working on what they are going to perform and present to the parents tomorrow. One day to go.

Friday: Day 5 Our Last Day 🙁

Tired but determined is the feel of the day, lots of energising activities and reflection of how the week has gone and the progress the students feel they have made. Extra preparation and rehearsals ahead of the big event this afternoon. The students, mentors and staff have all had an exciting, fun and challenging week with visible progress of how far the students have come from the beginning of the week. A big thank you to the Create development team from all the students and staff at City Heights Academy.

A fantastic week had by all!