Day 4 Lymm High Summer School

Today started with excitement as we were told that an athlete mentor was coming in. We weren’t disappointed when Courtney Fry, the boxer, was there joining in our morning energiser.  We created an 8 move sequence to welcome him to Lymm High School, which he joined in.

After this we reviewed our learning from yesterday’s focus of creative thinking and completed our pupil booklets with the help from our mentors.  Courtney then gave a presentation of his childhood and how he went on to be a successful champion winning gold at the commonwealth games.  He even showed us his medal!  We were given the opportunity to ask questions such as how he copes with challenge and it was really interesting to hear his responses.

In the afternoon he asked us the question whether we were passionate about a plastic cup??? We all answered ‘no’….then we played a game which involved developing our reaction time by trying to grab the cup before our partner.  By the end of the game we were doing everything to make sure we had the cup in our hand!

The day finished off with us making our final adjustments to our super heroes ready for tomorrow’s celebration assembly.  We are all looking forward to presenting our poem/rap to achieve 4/5 star to everybody tomorrow.

Famous 7 superstar