Day 9 Oakfield Summer School

Today we had a special visitor, Rose McGrandle, a professional skeleton athlete and she will be taking part after break. The energiser in the morning was the hand tennis quarter finals. The mentors teamed up with a partner and analysed the flaws, the things they did well and what they can do better. It was JOSH v LIAM in the final. It came down to 14-14 and Liam finished off with a low throw catching Josh off-guard.

We then moved to the break with games of Uno. As expected, Fletcher finished first then everybody else finished first. We then listened to Rose McGrandle telling us about her experience as a skeleton athlete. She explained how she was selected to become an athlete, what difficulties she had to overcome and she answered questions. Then we played Zombies which required the team to communicate well but due to hyperactivity we failed the challenge (keep the zombie from sitting on the chair)!

Lunch was amazing. We all had wraps and some of us played group Uno whilst others played Dobble.

After lunch the mentors led the “Bench Game”. It requires teamwork and communication. Team “Cricket Cake” gets on one bench and “Choco Chips” gets on another. We then challenge each other to get in order around shoe size, age, etc. Afterwards, the children reviewed the activity analysing what went well and what could have been better.

At the end of the day it was time to plan for the assembly for Friday and everybody took part.
Oakfield Summer School