Family FUNS

Families playing and learning together


What is Family FUNS?

This captivating programme includes training to support practitioners with a unique approach and fun strategies to encourage families playing, learning and being physically active together. Flexible options for resources allow focused intervention with groups of families, one-to-one mentoring and even simple ways for whole classes and key stages to be included.

Why Family FUNS?

Measured outcomes include improvements in:

  • the amount of active family play
  • parents’/carers’ confidence to play and interact with their children
  • children’s Personal, Social and Emotional skills
  • children’s Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS)

All in an active, fun, thematic way!

Read about the impact:

Family FUNS Impact Report pg 2

An evaluation of impact study by Southampton Solent University:

Click here to view the unquestionable results.

What children say…

Gaskell Primary School children quotes 4


Family FUNS brochure





“We have to be ambitious for families; they’re far too important to be left to chance”

Read the blog by Ronnie Heath, Managing Director: ‘True ambition for families. Thanks Mum’ and hear how active family play lifted him from the life he could have had. Click here to view.


Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Key Stage 1 (KS1) practitioners, Teaching Assistants, SENCOs, Family Support Workers/Family Link Teachers and PE practitioners.


The cost of the programme is the training price plus home resources price

Training: £245 plus VAT and includes:

  • 1-day training for 1 – 2 staff
  • Delivery resources
  • Access to online portal (includes Session Plans, assessment documents and resources to support the engagement of families)
  • Impact report

Home resources: Enhance learning at home. Options include home packs for targeted families and whole class resources.

NEW home pack prices for 2017! You’ll be excited to hear we’ve reduced the prices of home packs for 2017 so more families can benefit:

  • Option 1: 5 packs – £50 plus VAT per pack/total of £250 plus VAT (usual price £325 plus VAT)
  • Option 2: 10 packs – £45 plus VAT per pack/total of £450 plus VAT (usual price £650 plus VAT)
  • Option 3: 30 packs – £37.50 plus VAT per pack/total of £1,125 plus VAT (usual price £1,950 plus VAT)

Whole class resources:

  • Option 1: EYFS Storybooks x 30 sets – £359.70 plus VAT
  • Option 2: Year 1 Mini Challenge Cards x 30 sets – £119.70 plus VAT
  • Option 3: Year 2 Physical Activity Board Game x 30 – £419.70 plus VAT
  • Option 4: Bundle which includes all of the above for EYFS and Key Stage 1 – £899 plus VAT






Home Pack

To book

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“We are seeing not only an increase in weekly exercise at home, but also greater social interaction between parents and children. The programme provides clear direction and we are enjoying exploring our own ideas that work for our school setting and community. The great support from Create means we have the tools to monitor the impact.  We already have a waiting list for the next Create Learning Community!”
Paul Naylor, teacher
Gaskell Primary School