Gifts at the Create Development National Awards 2015

Guests attending the Create Development National Awards 2015 were each given a Family FUNS home pack to enjoy with their families.

Each Family FUNS home pack contained:

  • Family FUNS board game
  • 12 adventure and activity books
  • Sports equipment
  • Interactive Disc with access to family games, videos, stories, physical challenges and songs
  • 3 sets of FUNS for everyone Mini Challenge Cards with over 100 progressive challenges
  • Sticker/rewards book to celebrate progress

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Family FUNS is a unique early intervention programme engaging families in regular, positive, active play in learning and home environments. It brings schools or community settings and families together, ensuring consistent messages and promoting positive parenting habits to develop essential learning behaviours and physical literacy.

To find out what other amazing resources and training is available in a Family FUNS programme, click here or contact us on:

T: 020 8863 0304

If you were a guest attending the National Awards, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Contact Jolene Barrett at or tweet using #FamilyFUNS