Passion, positive energy and high quality teaching

It’s so rewarding when we receive feedback from Headteachers and teachers about the difference that the ‘real PE’ approach is making in schools.

We recently worked with King’s Lodge School in Chippenham, Wiltshire and here’s a snapshot of what they thought about the progrKing's Lodge Schoolamme and the ‘real PE’ approach:

“Serotonin moments, lots of laughter, TEAM work and a values based curriculum that is dear to the hearts of all KLS staff. Much food for thought… we are all excited. To have a teacher state that they had changed their mind re: the teaching of PE was a monumental moment – congratulations!”
Lynn Evans, Headteacher

“Matt (Lloyd) is truly inspirational in his delivery, making everyone feel so at ease with something that we know can be quite daunting for some, delivering high quality PE lessons. The enthusiasm and passion for PE and high quality teaching was clear to see and you could literally feel the positive energy throughout the day!”

“What a fantastic day!  Well done everyone for making the most of it.  I think we all left feeling invigorated and inspired.”

Many thanks to Headteacher Lynn Evans and the amazing teachers at King’s Lodge School.