real legacy



real legacy is an ambitious two-year programme,
personalised for your school to make a real difference and
create a real legacy for EVERY child.

Creating a new ambition for EVERY child


real legacy:

  • Brings together the school, home and community to enable cultural change
  • Provides measurable, sustainable and meaningful impact for EVERY child, school and family
  • Provides sector leading training, groundbreaking resources and ongoing, personalised support to achieve your vision

In addition to Create programmes, real legacy includes bespoke school-based support (total of 4 days), evidence of impact, enrichment opportunities and the very best innovative resources including a licence for Jasmine – your real learning platform.

 Outcomes include:

  • Staff training and support: Inspired teachers and measurable impact in quality of teaching and learning.
  • Pupil achievement and progress: AfL embedded, collaborative learning integral and learning celebrated and shared.
  • Teaching and learning, assessment and planning: A culture of high expectations with all pupils making secure and sustained progress.
  • Inclusion, engagement and school culture: Highly inclusive culture with all pupils remaining active in and out of school.
  • Health and Wellbeing: Successful strategies to engage families to develop and sustain healthy habits and behaviours.
  • Competitive opportunities: All pupils learning from safe and challenging, healthy competition.
  • Enrichment opportunities: A range of enrichment opportunities established, including opportunities for pupils to lead and volunteer.
  • Whole school advocacy and impact: Clear evidence of PE spending impacting on whole school development outcomes.

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