Benefits for real PE practitioners

Being part of the Create family comes with many benefits including ongoing support, transferable skills and great discounts! See below for more details:

Create Shop
real PE teachers can access additional Create resources at great discounted prices on the Create shop. Click here to visit the shop. The password to enter when purchasing real PE resources is: 13K+realPE6 Please direct practitioners to the real PE Teacher Portal for passwords and full details including the latest offers.

NEW resources
real play
resources enhance teachers real PE provision and encourage home learning through active family play. Purchase whole class resources or a bundle for every child and family in EYFS/KS1 to experience real play. Password: realPlay247
Click here to visit the shop.

FREE real gym Lesson Plan

Click here to download a FREE sample real gym Lesson Plan to share with teachers so that they can explore gymnastic activities in their PE lessons.