real PE comes to Devon

We’re excited to announce that real PE has come to Devon! Seventeen PE Coordinators from 13 schools across the county met in Exeter last week to begin their real PE journey with Create’s Matt Lloyd. A huge thanks to our fantastic host and Local Partner Steve Pritchard at Exeter University Cricket Centre for helping to make the day a great success.


The day was fun, energetic and informative and all those that attended loved the real PE approach and thought the content was excellent. See below for comments from the PE Coordinators:

“I loved the easy assessment process, moving the focus from the teacher to the child.”

“A refreshing insight into how we can help ALL children to succeed at PE and make a real difference in their lives.”

“The course fulfilled my expectation of an approach that moves away from tradition.”

“It challenged what the focus of PE should be – giving children learning narrative.”

“A thought provoking and refreshing take on the future of PE.”

Devon 4
We at Create are delighted that real PE is coming to Devon and how it was received by those who attended the course.