real PE has made a phenomenal difference

Headteacher, Dan Harding at Stockton Heath Primary School explains how real PE has made a phenomenal difference to the school, teachers and pupils in this article below.

“The difference real PE has made to Stockton Heath Primary School children and staff in a very short space of time is phenomenal. We have always had a very clear vision and ethos about the value of PE and Sport, but real PE has provided a context and structure that has allowed us to embed and ‘cement’ that ethos from Early Years Foundation Stage all the way through to Year 6. At our school, we believe that physical health and well-being is a fundamental aspect of everyday life and essential if children are to learn, progress and gain as much as they possibly can from their primary education. real PE has revolutionised our approach to PE and Sport teaching and learning and allowed us to see outstanding progress in all pupils of all ability levels. The skills progression-based learning, the level of challenge for more-able children and the self-assessment tools in particular have enabled our pupils to take real ownership of their own development. Pupils thoroughly enjoy PE and Sport here and have gained enormous self-confidence and invaluable teamwork, coordination and spatial awareness skills through the real PE approach. Children are actively involved in lessons; we have 100% participation in all timetabled indoor and outdoor lessons but our children also now choose to practise and hone the skills they have acquired at playtime and lunchtime using playground equipment and existing floor markings. From a Headteacher’s perspective, it has been extremely rewarding to see how much more comfortable and confident staff members are delivering PE lessons that: are clearly structured, appropriately differentiated, engage all learners, develop skills which can be applied across a wide range of sports and physical activities, are not simply rooted in ‘supervising’ team games (which can so often be the case in primary schools). My staff and children look forward to real PE based lessons with great anticipation and talk very passionately about the huge positive impact real PE has had on behaviour, attitudes to learning and respect for self and others. Everyone’s perception of what physical education actually means and its benefits has changed thanks to real PE.”
Dan Harding, Headteacher
Stockton Heath Primary School

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