Week 1: Over 50 schools in 4 days

Welcome back everyone!

We’re re-energised after the summer break and have delivered real PE to over 50 fantastic schools in the first week of the new academic year. We’ve also got to meet and work with so many amazing and inspiring teachers.

This will make a positive impact on thousands of children and has given teachers the confidence, resources and ongoing support to deliver outstanding PE lessons.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the feedback from the Whole School Inset Days in the South West:

“We had an extremely successful day with Matt (Lloyd) on Friday. It was wonderful to see the transformation from a group of slightly worried teachers, who really weren’t all looking forward to the day, to a fully engaged group who seemed to enjoy every bit of the fast-paced training.  This transformation took place very quickly! I feel certain that this professional development will have benefits across the curriculum and not just for PE. Much of the good learning encouragement considered, would apply equally well in other subjects. The day also provided a valuable team-building experience for our teachers, as it was great fun. There was lots of laughter. I was also impressed with the efficiency of the delivery. We packed a lot in and no time was wasted. Undoubtedly, an outstanding piece of staff development, which will make a significant difference to the PE curriculum in our school. I wouldn’t hesitate, to recommend it to other schools.”
Andrew Teale, Headteacher and National Leader of Education
St Paul’s Church of England Primary School (a National Support School)

“I email to express a collective thanks for such an inspiring real PE training day on Tuesday. The quality of your delivery was outstanding, the pace perfect and your energy palpable.  We are truly delighted with the resources and the many ideas you shared and look forward to familiarising ourselves with these, learning as we go. The feedback forms are testimony to how much everybody got from the day – a combination of your unique delivery style and the quality of the resources.”
Sue Heal, Headteacher

Hayesdown First School, Frome

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