Welcome to Hollie

A huge welcome to Hollie Batson who has joined the team as CD Wheel and ‘exceed’ Coordinator.

Hollie says “I have always had a personal interest in the benefits of improving education at a young age, and after graduating with a Politics degree from Lincoln University where I was able to study the education sector further I am even more inclined to do so. Being able to offer the tools to all students at different levels in my opinion has extreme advantages that are second to none. This is where I found Create and completely loved and become very enthusiastic about what they are able to offer through the CD Wheel; not just for children but for any individual learner. I have found a strong sense of myself being drawn into the ‘exceed’ project, and am excited to be working alongside a scheme that looks at both changing teacher and student habits specifically for disadvantaged children. I’m looking forward and am especially motivated to start my journey working with the company.”

We’re delighted to have Hollie on board and wish her the best of luck in her new role!