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Giving EVERY child the physical literacy, emotional and thinking skills to achieve in PE, Sport and life.

This unique, child-centred approach transforms how we teach PE to engage and challenge EVERY child. The 3-day programme maximises learning and impact.

real PE impact reports
The real PE Whole School model is supported by an impact report which celebrates improvements in staff confidence, pupil engagement, pupil progress and the broader impact of real PE across the school.

The impact report is a great tool to show how your PE and sport premium has been spent. Click here to view Lings Primary School’s impact report.

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Families playing and learning together.

This groundbreaking programme supports families through the power of play.

Measured outcomes include improvements in:

  • the amount of active family play
  • parents’/carers’ confidence to play and interact with their children
  • children’s Personal, Social and Emotional skills
  • children’s Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS)

Impact reports
The programme is supported by an impact report which celebrates improvements.

Click here to view Gaskell Primary School’s impact report.

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Woodhill School-278Enabling EVERY child to stretch themselves.

real gym is vibrant and holistic approach that makes gym relevant, meaningful and challenging for EVERY child.

real gym case study
Click here to view the case study from North Town Primary School to find out the impact that real gym has on pupils and teachers.

For more information on real gym click here.

PE, Sport and Health Wheel

Celebrate and evidence the impact of the PE and Sport Premium

The PE, Sport and Health Wheel is an innovative online tool which uses a simple framework to:

  • Create and communicate a shared vision for PE, Sport and Health across the school.
  • Establish where you are, where you want to be and how to get there.
  • Identify appropriate solutions to meet your vision.
  • Evidence and celebrate the impact of the PE and Sport Premium and other programmes.
  • Be part of a community of learning with shared best practice across schools.

Over 1,000 schools currently use the Wheel.

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“It will allow us to see exactly how our money is being spent and to understand the impact it is having across the different areas we need to cover.”
Sam Bacon, Assistant Headteacher,
St Andrew’s C of E Primary School, Horsham

Quotes from practitioners and schools

“We chose to invest in real PE because it’s the best thing I’ve seen on the market for 20 years. It puts children at the heart of learning, it’s not just based on PE, it’s based on quality learning…You’ve got to see the impact it has on your children and the learning in your school. It’s unbelievable.”
Leigh Wolmarans, Headteacher, Lings Primary School, Northampton

“I’ve been looking for something like this since I came into teaching nearly 20 years ago! I love teaching PE but never felt as if I really knew what I was doing! Now I feel like an expert and as if I can work in a way that is engaging and inclusive of ALL of my pupils. Thank you so much!”
Lucy Ashby, Teacher, Forncett St Peter CofE Primary School, Norwich

“The real PE programme is the way forward to inspire children to participate and enjoy physical education throughout their school lives and beyond. The programme enables everyone to take part and improve at their own pace and ability, making it a personalised learning journey.”
Karen Winter, Year 1 Teacher,
Waltham St. Lawrence School, Waltham St. Lawrence, Maidenhead

“A wonderful holistic approach to PE and highly practical at the same time.  I learnt that PE should never be seen as an optional add-on but as a fundamental building block for learning and life.”
Jan Cox, PE Coordinator, Heber Primary School, London

“I have always lacked confidence in how to teach PE and the real PE course has given me planning, resources and the enthusiasm to experiment with the ideas. My class absolutely love the songs and stories that accompany the programme and practicing the differentiated skills, we all look forward to PE now!”
Claire Howard, Teacher, Furze Platt Infant School, Maidenhead

“How can you not be moved and inspired by the message and then by the quality of the resources that you shared with us, brilliant! We are all very much looking forward to parts two and three but, more importantly, my staff and I came back buzzing just to get the lesson plans used in classrooms.”
Mark Currell, Head Teacher, Northampton Primary Academy Trust Partnership – Abington Vale Primary School

Other case studies

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Marish Primary School highly commended at Youth Sport Trust’s prestigious Innovation awards 2013