What would your pupils say?

If your pupils were asked to take part in a little PE literacy to discuss their PE, Sport and Leadership experiences what would they write?

Pupils in Year 5 at Marish Primary School were asked just this and what they wrote is quite special. Hafsah Zishan gives his very honest and inspirational opinion as he talks through his memories from the last year and the difference PE has made to both him and the pupils at his school. So beautifully written!

Click on the images below to read his full memoir.

Hafsah Zishan Yr 5 PE Literacy pg 1









Hafsah Zishan Yr 5 PE Literacy PG 2









“…Wherever you are, whatever you do, you can work to be outstanding, you deserve to be outstanding, and you will be outstanding! All of you, all of us, are on a learning journey, a learning experience. And I wish every single one of you good luck and your own special memories along the way.”
Hafsah Zishan, Year 5
Marish Primary School