Day 1, 2 and 3 City Heights Summer School

Monday : Day 1

There was a mixture of nerves and excitement as the students entered for their first day of Summer Camp. Supported by the Create Development team and fantastic Year 8 mentors, the students first set personal targets for the week. Energising group activities enabled the students to get to know each other better and challenge themselves. The use of reviews and reflection helped them to think about ways they could improve tasks and push themselves further. By the end of the day the students left buzzing, thinking about the skills – creative, cognitive, personal and social – they would be working on in the week ahead.

Tuesday: Day 2

With curiosity and enthusiasm being the order of the morning, the students entered discussing what activities they thought they would be doing and asking lots of questions about the day. They engaged in feeding back what they had enjoyed from the previous day and what they could do to continue to challenge themselves. The ‘River Crossing’  game was a hit with the students and they identified the skills they needed to be successful as a team and also how they could make the activity more challenging. Excitement continued after lunch as the students focused on attributes they would need to succeed at school. Creative skills were in force as the students had fun creating a superhero they felt represented these attributes. Another fun day!

Wednesday: Day 3

Confident and optimistic students, chatting and smiling, entered on Day 3. Gasps filled the room as the special guest for the day, Olympic athlete Chris Gregory arrived, towering over all the other adults and students. Excitement was at an all time high as the students took part in activities to test their concentration and reaction times. Working well in their teams, the children enjoyed competing against themselves in a challenge to test their grit and determination. Lunchtime, as always, was one of the highlights of the day. In the afternoon the children were all pumped up and rearing to go. Full of energy and with lots of chatting, the students completed learning power super heroes before settling down at the end of the session to watch an iMovie of the day.

A challenging day was had by all!