Day 1 Heathfield Summer School

First of all, we met everyone and put ourselves in groups! This was exciting because we all are in groups with people we don’t know so we’ve already made lots of new friends! Then we went on to the field and met some police dogs! They were called Quin, Zena and Ria. They were all police dogs but could do different things like find money or people.

After that, we did the ‘good morning’ game! This was very fun because we all got to make up our own moves, this helped us to be more creative and also to interact with our partners!

It was challenging at some points because we made mistakes but everyone was willing to have a go and join in!

Then, we played ‘rock, paper, scissors’! This was fun because we all interacted with people we have never met before and made new friends. Also, we communicated to add our ideas of how to change the game which made it more interesting and challenging but everyone added their ideas!

After lunch, we played human knot! This was very challenging and difficult but we used a lot of team work which helped us with this activity!

Then we played a range of games in our teams which helped us communicate and use team work to get our teams points!