Day 1 St Gregory the Great Summer School

The first ever Summer School at St Gregory the Great in Oxford!

Twenty Year 7 learners arrived looking very nervous at 10am but after being greeted by the friendly mentors they soon relaxed and began to enjoy themselves.

The day started off with a chat about their expectations for Summer School with fun being the most popular word used by all the groups. We also talked about it being okay to make mistakes as that was a good way to learn how to do things better.

The mentors then led the learners through a discussion on their hopes and hurdles for secondary school. Making new friends was top of the list of hopes with the most common hurdle being afraid of getting lost in such a big place. Other hurdles were being bullied and forgetting to bring the right books and equipment for the different classes. All our friendly mentors did a great job of reassuring the learners that they would make lots of friends and soon find their way around.

To get everyone really in the mood to learn we took part in a fun activity called ‘Good Morning’ where we had to learn a sequence of 8 moves to do with a partner. More challenges followed which allowed us to meet more learners and mentors as well as the chance to be creative and make lots of mistakes!

Soon it was break time and we found our way to the canteen for drinks and cookies. Next it was onto a game of Rock Paper Scissors the likes of which the learners had never seen before. Lots of great shapes, great sportsmanship and communication, as well as some silly dancing, followed until we finally had two players left each with a giant conga train supporting them.

All the learners agreed that lunch was better at secondary school than primary. Once they had escaped from a giant human knot formed over lunchtime, the learners took on four team challenges which tested their thinking, physical and teamwork powers. They enjoyed working together to complete the challenges and sharing ideas of how they could improve as a team. Mentor Sophie became Crazy Sophie to add to the fun while the cone challenge drove everyone a little mad.

The mentors did a review of the challenge activities using ‘Roles on the Bus’ which included some singing. The day ended with an awesome iMovie made by Jamie and Matt.

Mentors Jade and Georgia even got some hugs goodbye!

From a nervous beginning to a fantastic end of day one! St Gregory’s is certainly going to be great when these year 7s arrive! More to follow tomorrow!

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