Day 1 Theale Green Summer School

Coping with Challenge

Start of the day
This morning we greeted the learners at the door with smiles on our faces and our inner ‘Tiggers’ unleashed! After some introductions we sat down and got started with the ‘marvellous me’ activity in the Summer School Pupil Booklet.

We helped the learners write about their hopes and hurdles when they come to Theale Green in September. Making new friends was top of everyone’s list! The hurdles included finding their way around a big new school and having lots of different teachers.

Morning Challenge
After the start of the day activity we worked with the learners to agree and write down our expectations for the week – smile, have fun, try your hardest, listen to others and show others you care all made the list.

We then challenged the learners to say good morning with another pupil in the most amazing way. They all did brilliantly! The focus for today was to cope with new challenges and this game was certainly challenging – lots of mistakes were made, but everyone kept going.

Today we challenged the learners to get involved in all the activities, make mistakes and keep going and challenging them to get stuck! After a fun-filled first half of the morning we all sat down for a break.

After everyone gained some energy back we went to the hall and played Extreme Rock Paper Scissors. We all played a fantastic game where we had to play with different people, make mistakes, keep going and have fun! The semi-finalists were chosen by the teachers for showing that they could cope with challenges. This was brilliantly demonstrated by the behaviours we discussed. The grand final was between Myah and Jack…..Jack won.

Afternoon activity
After a yummy lunch (and a singing happy birthday to a pupil who turned 11 today), we led an energiser called the Human Knot – a great getting to know you game for the learners whilst also challenging them to make mistakes and keep going.

We then spent some time exploring what learning powers we all need to be successful at Theale Green. The learners used flash cards to decide their top 6 – communication, resilience, problem solving, learning from others, adapting and adjusting and confidence were the most popular powers.

The learners then took on the extreme learning challenge, a set of physical, thinking and teamwork based activities to put their learning powers to the test in action! They really enjoyed working together and having to communicate to be successful.

End of day
We helped the learners review the day’s activities and learning, asking questions about how they coped with new challenges, something they need to do lots at secondary school.

We finished off by watching an awesome iMovie of the day that showed all the exciting activities we did today.

Matthew – “I enjoyed everything that happened today!”

Ellie – “I enjoyed that we had mentors to help us and that we are not on our own!”

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