Day 2 Heathfield Summer School

Day 2 started great! Everyone turned up with a smile and got working straight away. After the book work was completed we went out to see two amazing police horses. The police officers told us a bunch of cool information about the horses and what they do. They even showed us one of the horses galloping, it was awesome!Β 

After we came in from the field we played a game called ‘Hi baby!’, everyone looked like they were having fun! Hi baby is a game were you walk, run, skip and side skip around an area and ‘high five’ and ‘baby five’ (below the knee) people.Β 

When we came back from lunch we played the bench game! In the bench game you move up or down the bench according to your your age, height or shoe size! We also introduced rules like no talking and no using certain moves!

We then started building a ‘learning superhero’ with learning powers! All the heroes were brilliant and everyone enjoyed building them! Once the models were finished everyone departed happy with smiles on their faces!

Heathfield Summer School







Heathfield Summer School