Day 2 Maiden Beech Academy Summer School

The day started with the pupils reflecting on day 1. They said what their favourite activities were and how the activities would help them moving into Key Stage 3. Lucy said that the extreme Rock Paper Scissors, which encouraged sportsmanship, would help her because she plans to play in more lunch time sports clubs in Key Stage 3. Jack said he enjoyed the circuit activities where team work was important. He said this would help him next year when he moves into his new class, he will be able to make friends easier and work with others more effectively. This will also help him in all his school lessons. Everyone said something in front of the rest of the group. Questions were asked by others to get deeper thinking and understanding of why we do something and how it is going to help moving into Key Stage 3. These questions and answers were lead brilliantly by the student mentors. This activity used the cognitive cog as there was a lot of self reflection being used. Self reflection is an important part of many school lessons as pupils often have to self evaluate their work or comment on how others have worked.

Activity 1

The first activity was designed to help the pupils learn how to cope with challenge and not to give up but to be persistent and to keep trying. The activity started off quite simple but more and more rules were added to make the activity more challenging. To encourage reflection, questions were asked as to why it is important to cope with challenges. Daisy commented that Key Stage 3 will be more difficult as more will be expected of them. The work will be harder and teachers will have higher expectations as to what the pupils can achieve, therefore the work will be more challenging. She said it is important to learn to cope with these challenges and not give up if it becomes difficult. She also commented that challenges will occur in every school subject at some point. Jonathan commented how there will be more challenges in Key Stage 3 straight away as the classes are changing, friends may be split up and you will have to work with people you don’t normally work with. The pupils then filled in the coping with challenges section of their booklet. They levelled themselves then discussed with their mentor how they could improve. Again the pupils used a great deal of self reflection in this task.

Activity 2

The second activity was crossing the hall using a range of items without touching the floor. At first the pupils tried to get across quickly and easily. However, gradually the items used to get across were made harder. Each group had to decide how they were going to make the crossing harder. The idea was to encourage coping with challenge. Mistakes were also encouraged. David commented that people learn from their mistakes and often the best way to learn is by giving someone a go at getting it wrong and then trying again. Lucy said how in Key Stage 3 they will have more challenges to deal and cope with and through experiencing challenge at the summer school and through coping with these challenges they will find it easier next year. They will know how to deal with challenges be it on their own or when working in a group. This activity helped with creative thinking as the pupils had to decide how they would make the game more challenging – it was completely up to them. There was also an element of problem solving as they had to figure out how to make the game more challenging. The social cog was also used as they had to discuss their ideas with each other and then come to an agreement as to which ideas they are going to use. There was team work, cooperation and learning with others. The personal cog was also used because there were challenges, mistakes and failures to cope with.

Activity 3

The final activity of the day involved the pupils having to pick out 6 learning powers they think they need to be successful in Key Stage 3. This involved thinking of all of the cogs. It could be the need to be more creative in lessons or having self belief to think they can complete a task without help. They then had to design and make a superhero showing these learning powers.

Just before the pupils left they watched their daily I-movie which shows pictures and clips of everything they have done over the course of the day in a cool movie trailer. It is a bit of fun but reminds them of the activities they have done during the day and helps them reflect on everything they have learnt and achieved.

It has been a great first couple days where the pupils have already showed signs of improvement in many of the cogs. Looking forward to tomorrow where the pupils will continue to learn to cope with further challenges.

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