Day 2 Oakfield Summer School

The children came in this morning and were really happy and ready to go for the day. As soon as they arrived they were helping each other with their work, finding the right pages that they needed to be on and just generally encouraging each other to do what they needed to do. We took them into the hall and we played Hi Baby. The aim of the game was to get as many high fives as they could in a certain amount of time. This would be challenging for them because this is really the first time that they have had to interact with everyone, not just the people in their group. They all threw themselves into the challenge of getting as many different high fives from as many different people as they could. There were loads of smiles and lots of laughter which showed that they enjoyed the challenge of having to interact.

After break, we took the group to play River Crossing. The aim of the game is to get from one side of the river to the other without letting your feet leave the hoops (stones). This game has 7 different levels ranging from easy to hard. They seemed to really enjoy the challenge and were getting involved in what they were doing.

We took them back and got them to do ‘reverse time shares’. When Ciaran had his turn to have others speak about him, Ulanda said “It was really funny how I fell off you when you gave me a piggy back, but it was ok because we just laughed and carried on”. Ulanda then had to listen to others speak about her and Chloe said “It was really good how she made us all laugh and feel happy when we were taking part in the challenge”.

After lunch the group watched videos about superheroes. This helped to prepare them for when they started to make their own superheroes which we are going to show at the end of the week. They got involved in conversation with each other and really thought about their answers.