Day 2 Theale Green Summer School

Start of the day
This morning all of the learners came in and wrote a diary of what they did and learnt on Day 1.  Everyone said they enjoyed the day and some said they had done the activities at home with their families – which shows they really enjoyed their day!

They all reviewed and then completed the section in their pupil booklets on yesterday’s learning focus – coping with challenge. They reviewed themselves using ‘rarely-sometimes-always’ as to how well they joined in, kept going and challenged themselves……and they had to explain why. After the learners had finished writing in their books they chatted together and got to know their new friends. We also had a new member in the mentor team today called Kiana and a new student called Brandon.

Morning Challenge
The focus of today is creative thinking, especially solving problems, something you need at secondary school. We played a game called ‘Hi Baby’ which involved going onto the school field to do a team activity. During the game the pupils had to work with their friends and challenge themselves to think in different ways to solve challenges. When we came back upstairs the mentors shared examples of when they have to solve problems at school and the groups started to agree what success would like today – sharing ideas by speaking up, listening to each other, building on others’ suggestions and clarifying the problem for deeper understanding.

We then went back outside and put the learning focus into action! The learners had to get over the river (space between cones) without touching the grass using some equipment, making their way between the sets of cones in small teams. The mentors scored the teams using ‘secret stats’, looking for examples of where the learners were offering ideas, building on others’ ideas of finding new ways of being successful. All the teams scored very high points and everyone had huge smiles on their faces as they got through the challenges. The best challenge was when the learners went against the mentors!

Afternoon activity
The mentors led an energiser after lunch called ‘Team Juggle’, another chance for the learners to show their ability to solve problems. They had to create a continuous sequence of passing a ball around their team without passing it to their left or right or touching the ball twice! It was tricky but nearly all teams unlocked new challenges. 

The learners then transferred their creative thinking skills to design and build a learning champion that shows their 6 learning powers. 

End of the day
The mentors did a final review with the learners about their creative thinking skills and watched the awesome iMovie of the day!

Kiana – Learning Mentor

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