Day 3 Oakfield Summer School

The children came in this morning all smiling and ready to go for the day. Everybody was smiling and chatting about the day ahead and were all looking forward to finishing the Super Heroes they made.The pupils filled in the Day 2 box and were all drawing these amazing pictures of what they did on Day 2.

They were all enthusiastic about playing the 123 game, and all set challenges for themselves making the actions to each number a lot harder and all of them overcame that challenge. They  came up with all these different actions and were willing to help any other pairs that were stuck for ideas, and teaching them their action.

It was then break and everyone tucked into the biscuits and drink laid out for them.

After break everyone was up and ready for playing Throw Tennis. All the group got involved and challenged themselves by making it harder or easier if they found it a struggle. Everyone enjoyed it and all had big smiles on their faces whether they won or lost. They wrote their scores onto a flip chart and all want to have finals later on this week.

We went back to  the tables, and discussed what challenged us and how to overcome it. Finn said ” my challenge was to play against Jess”and I overcame it by using tactics”.

After lunch we played the bench game.

We were split into our teams ‘cricket cake’ and ‘chocolate chip’. Everyone worked really well in a team and were all helping each other when moving across the bench. We challenged ourselves by making it harder. For example in team ‘cricket cake’ we decided that Liam was the only person allowed to talk. This was challenging as we weren’t allowed to communicate.

We then came back and started to finish off Super Heroes.

Everyone came up with brilliant ideas of what they could put on their Super Heroes and how it could represent the 6 learning powers. They all took part and taking on different roles of what to add to the Super Hero. Everybody was laughing and smiling and  getting stuck in.

Once they completed their Super Heroes, we started planning for our assembly on Friday. Matt gave us different levels of what to do for the assembly. Both teams chose to challenge themselves by picking the hardest levels. We came up with different ideas for the assembly and everyone put in their best effort. It was  3’oclock, time to go home, but all smiling from what a great day we’d had!