Day 3 St Gregory the Great Summer School

Day 3 has been our best day yet! From the morning activities with energised and perky mentors, to the new lunch time fun, right through to the physical activities in the sports hall. All added up to a fantastic time together!

Our theme was our looking at how we are coping with challenge and the day certainly threw up some great moments for us to work on this particular skill.

Our first activity was to play a new game called ‘tunnel rounders’ and we had a great time. All of us were really involved and we found out quickly from our mentors that were keeping secret stats on us that we were starting to display really great team work and that many of us are able to help our team with praise and support even if we are not directly involved!

After a quick break we played 2 more new games called ‘like clockwork’ and ‘all change’. Both games were good fun and were really energetic too! We were given many different tasks to perform and challenges to try to work towards throughout the games and some of them were really hard but we all tried our best!

Finally we had an afternoon where we were trying to finish off our design for our super hero! We were allowed to select loads of building materials and have now agreed on what our hero will look like and have even started building it with card, bottles, pipe cleaners, paper and loads of other bits too! 

We finished with another amazing iMovie of our day and are now ready for some rest before we look forward to our athlete visitor coming tomorrow