Day 4 Haltwhistle Summer School

Great day, today, with former paralympian Craig McCann. The focus of the day was ‘Problem Solving’ which Craig reflected in his talk to the children about his life and the problems he has faced and how he overcame them to arrive at this point in his life. The children, without doubt, enjoyed most the physical challenges that he set for them, though. He lead them through such games as ‘Zombie’ and ‘Line Up’ a game involving a team standing on a bench and having to rearrange themselves in different orders such as height, birthdate etc. without touching the floor!. He also played versions of Create’s own games ‘Team Juggling’ and ‘To Bank or Not to Bank’ which they excelled at using their problem solving skills. Badges of honour today were awarded to Caitlin for contributing ideas (a first and big step for her) and Curtis (for continued effort and teamwork). Thanks Craig and good luck in your new chosen sport of cycling!

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