Day 4 Maiden Beech Academy Summer School

Activity 1

The Start of the Day recapped on what the children had done the previous day and whether or not they had met their target. They all felt that they had and were very positive.  The mentors explained how the focus would shift from coping with challenge towards solving problems with activities involving creative thinking and teamwork. The children recorded their target for the day.

Activity 2

In “Race Track” the children had to dribble a ball around a difficult course marked out with cones and then split into two teams. Each team had to design their own track and come up with rules. Josh thought the task was too easy, so his mentor asked him to solve the problem by making the course harder. Josh added the rule that the player who could go around the course with the least bounces would win. After the first round Josh noticed that Jack had won by a lot and Daisy put this down to his greater height. On the next round Josh was allowed to jump forward for every bounce of the ball.Problem solved! He said this problem solving would be useful at school as if he found something difficult he could try and find a different way around the problem. Ceryn took creativity further by jumping across the corners of the course thereby saving a few bounces and still keeping within the rules.

Activity 3

The Paralympian swimmer, David ?, arrived and told us he is now training for the triathlon. He has represented Team GB in the Paralympics and in European championships, winning many medals. His next target is the 2016 Rio Paralympics where he hopes to compete in the triathlon. He talked about how he has had to solve many problems in his life due to his disability and how he has had to overcome many problems in both sports. He showed the group tools that he uses to help both in his sport and everyday life. He inspired the children by showing them no matter what the challenge or puzzle it can be overcome. He then challenged the children to design a hand that could help them solve a problem that they might come across. Curtis designed a hand with a penknife, explaining that a penknife has many tools such as a knife, screw driver and bottle opener; therefore, this one tool could help him overcome many difficulties. India, Daisy, Curtis and Jack all said how this task would help them in DT, where they are often given a problem, have to think of a solution, design and produce a product.

Activity 4

In the “Hoop Challenge” the children were split into 2 teams. Each team had to get all its members to pass through a hoop as quickly as possible to beat the other team. They were given time to discuss how they could do it. David took on the role of leader and came up with an idea which worked brilliantly. The other group had seen what David had come up with and copied his basic idea and then changed it slightly to create their own unique solution. 

Activity 5

With the “Drain Pipe Challenge” the children had to transfer a golf ball via a drainpipe from one end of the play area to the other with the golf ball being deposited into a small cup on the floor.  The group often managed to get the ball to the cup only to find that when they tried to pour the ball into the cup it would miss. Ceryn thought rightly they were trying to drop the ball from too great a height and that the pipe needed to be closer to the cup. She said this activity would again be helpful in DT lessons as they sometimes have to achieve a target. She said the fact that she could recognise what they were doing wrong would be helpful when designs and constructions have to be altered or changed. She said it would also encourage her in lessons to pre-plan instead of diving straight in. Josh backed her up by saying if you take time to discuss and plan then the chances of success are a lot higher.

Activity 6

Forty playing cards were laid out on the floor. The mentor explained how he was going to give the whole group 5 minutes to study the cards and  was then going to turn them face down and point at 5 cards and see if the group could remember what they were. India straightaway noticed the 40 cards were split into 10 rows of 4 and explained that each of the 10 learners only had to remember a row each. The group got the 5 cards right and India was really pleased as she said Maths wasn’t her strongest subject. She felt this would give her confidence in Maths lessons and even when she thinks she is stuck she would try and find a solution to the problem. She also said how it was great everybody listened and followed her instructions as she is usually very quiet and not many people listen to what she has to say. She would now have a bit more confidence to speak her mind and try to get involved when there’s groupwork.

Activity 7

The last session was spent with the children working on their performances for Friday. It was great to hear them asking the mentors how they could get 4 or 5 stars. Josh was especially keen to get 5 stars and came up with many ideas to achieve this. It was brilliant to see all the children pushing themselves out of their comfort zones with many choosing to perform plays and songs, something many would not usually feel comfortable doing.

It was another great day with the group practicing really hard for their performances, and so full we had to postpone the I-movie of the day.

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