Day 4 Oakfield Summer School

On Day 4 at Summer School, the children welcomed the new arrival, Fletcher! Liam very kindly explained to Fletcher what he has missed and he caught up very quickly. Finn also helped out Fletcher by remembering 5 out of 6 of the learning powers!

After completing the SODA (start of the day activity) of writing about what they enjoyed and learnt yesterday, the children took part in a game called the human chain, similar to the human knot but involving a hoop. The aim is to pass the hoop around the circle without breaking hands. This took some time to get the hang of because a lot of communication was needed, however one team eventually got their personal time down to 17 seconds which is pretty impressive!

Next, the children were challenged to the nine dot challenge and the reverse pyramid which took a lot of thinking and resilience. The aim of the reverse pyramid was to literally reverse the pyramid in as few moves as possible. After several tries and attempts, some children managed to get this down to three moves. The children then enjoyed a well deserved break which consisted of cups of juice and probably one too many biscuits! Fletcher told Matt that he ‘looked like a sports legend’ which made Matt very happy for the rest of the day.

After break, the children did some self reflection on how to solve problems. Finn suggested  “thinking outside the box” to help him solve the nine dot challenge. They wrote some things down in their booklets which will hopefully  help them out in the future.

After this the children took part in  Throw Tennis which they did yesterday too. This activity went down very well and everyone was laughing and having loads of fun. They had five minute games against their opponent then had one minute to record their scores before playing a new game against someone different.

After the very competitive tennis tournament, the mentors  asked some questions for the children to answer. The mentors stood in areas around the school to which their questions were related. The children had to look for them then answer their questions. The answers were revealed after lunch and the winner was announced!

After lunch, the children took part in  mentor led , ‘domes and dishes’, which prepared them for the array of afternoon activities, including another round of Throw Tennis, and assembly preparation. This energiser also taught the children about the importance of team work and communication within a team.

This game was followed by lots of assembly preparation. From plays to power points, the assembly is set to be spectacular. The parents/carers are in for a real treat!