Day 8 Oakfield Summer School

Today is the 8th day of the summer camp. We didn’t have a S.O.D.A, and we went straight to doing the FUNS challenge to get the children energetic and to be more active.

After many trials and challenges, the children filled in their board according to their finished challenges and set new targets for the next time we do the FUNS challenges. Then we moved onto break with delicious biscuits and drinks. Chloe and Liam started playing Dobble while George and Ben played Uno. During the Dobble match, Giggs and Ellie helped Chloe and eventually, Chloe won! On the other hand, Ben won against George using a quick combo, leaving George raging with frustration.

Afterwards, we were going into the challenges we did yesterday however, we were aiming to achieve a better score or to perform better! Retrying the challenge “Tunnels”, we eventually found the secret to the challenge is to roll it slowly and you will get more points in a short time. Levi and Bella showed resilience during the exchange object challenge even though they both failed the previous 5 tries. Bailey tried his best in every challenge he took part in.

After lunch, the mentors were given the task to lead the children into doing the “Human Knot”. Through communication and teamwork they had to unknot the ‘Human Knot’.

Finally we finished the day with preparation for the talent show at the end of the week by telling people about their talents and why they will be useful for year 7. For example: Bailey likes to make people laugh and make friends so he decided to find jokes on the internet and make the Friday audience laugh. He decided that this will boost his confidence and he can transfer this to make friends in year 7.