Family FUNS reunion in Bolton

Gaskell Community Primary School in Bolton recently reached the end of its third Family FUNS programme, which they have now delivered to 22 families in total. To celebrate, the school held a reunion, in which these families came back together to play some of the Family FUNS games and activities and delight in Gaskell’s achievement.

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When re-visiting some of the families that had been on a Family FUNS programme, the worry that play might have slowed down or fun forgotten was proven completely unfounded. Families gushed about the fantastic time they’d had using the home packs and proudly announced how much they had kept using them. One boy had even read and acted out ‘Journey to the Blue Planet’ (one of the story books used as part of the home packs) that very morning, using it as a great motivator to get him ready for his day at school!

Most importantly, the impact of Family FUNS was seen in the way the attitudes of parents and children alike had changed, something that was emulated in the language heard. Phrases such as “I was brave when…” and “I challenged myself by…” were buzzing around the room, as all proved that they were now truly on Bravery Island, and that Family FUNS had redefined what’s possible for these families.

What the Family FUNS parents and children at Gaskell had to say:

“Exerciting” – a mixture of exciting and exercise!!

‘[It’s been a] great way to bond with my children.’

“It has helped to build my child’s character making them stronger and brave.”

“Helps builds my confidence with the school and with other parents.”

“I have more friends in the playground.”

“Loads of ideas to play with my kids.”

Congratulations to Gaskell on their success! To read about it further and see Aiden’s case study, click here to view their impact report.