GamesForceGo! real leaders begins





PrintIn partnership with London Youth Games, GamesForceGo! real leaders has had a great start with pilots in London and with Slough SSP.  The nature of the programme marks a unique approach to leadership in the primary setting, with whole school leadership being the focus.  GamesForceGo! real leaders enables schools to deliver leadership programmes in school that support the development of leadership fundamentals, through simple and clear learning journeys.

Using some of the incredible activities from real PE, learning and development of leadership Fundamentals is brought to life in a fun and engaging way.  GamesForceGo! real leaders provides children with opportunities to develop character and their skills for employment alongside genuine volunteering and leadership experience.  It supports schools to embed junior leadership teams across the whole school, maximising the impact on our next generation of leaders.


Feedback from schools so far has been overwhelmingly positive and one teacher said:

“Leadership needs to be re-positioned at the forefront for our school, in fact a lot of schools.  I can see the impact this programme will make in school, and how much it could do for the children who really need it most.”

A 9 year old leader said:
“No matter how much we might disagree, we can work it out, we are a team.”

For more information on GamesForceGo! real leaders please contact us at or call 020 8863 0304.