A new dimension

The new Create Review and real gym Dice have now arrived and not only look amazing, but are going down a storm with the first schools to receive them!

Create Review Dice
To add to practitioners’ creative and colourful set of resources, we’ve created the new Create Review Dice. The dice are colour coded, tactile and durable, and encourage dynamic and creative work within PE, as well as support pupils to self and peer review their learning.

review dice

The new set of Create Review Dice is based on the six multi-ability cogs, with two additional dice for a deeper review of learning. From rolling the dice, the child or teacher supporting them receives a question that can be used to evaluate what they’ve learned from the activity undertaken and see how their skills can be better developed. Not only can these dice be used to complement real PE, they can also be transferred to support other areas of the curriculum, providing an invaluable resource to get cogs turning and minds rolling!

diceThe dice can be purchased on the Create shop for £16 plus VAT for a set of 8 and £49 plus VAT for 4 sets.

Click here to purchase yours.  Schools that are already using the dice have told us that the children were really excited using them and found them to be a really useful resource.

real gym Dice
real gym diceThis brand new set of real gym Dice aid the teaching of the real gym scheme of work. These dice work with the Dice Matrix Poster and show all the unique symbols for easy use. By exploring different choreographic techniques, children can develop their skills in increasing challenging situations, as well as extend sequence development.

Reception teacher and Senior Management Team member, Flo Head, from Abington Vale Primary School shared her thoughts:
“I have found them useful using them alongside numbered dice which really challenges them to create multiple moves i.e. 4 star shapes/3 tuck shapes etc – then you can see if children have grasped the concepts of each shape.

The children lead the session as the ownership is shifted to them as they are the ones rolling the dice and following the simple instructions and drawings. We have only just started using them but I have been very impressed with how the learning culture has shifted as well as how easy they are to use on their own or with numbered dice.

I am looking forward to using them alongside equipment to again enhance the sessions and the flexibility and range of choice!”

Hear what the children at Abington Vale Primary School are saying about the dice in these video clips by clicking here and here.

Like the Create Review Dice, the real gym Dice be purchased on the Create shop for the same price. Click here to purchase yours.