NEW real PE and real gym dice

To add to your creative and colourful set of resources, we’ve developed NEW sets of dice for the real PE and real gym programmes! Each is colour coded, tactile and durable, and will encourage dynamic and creative work within their respective programmes, as well as supporting pupils to self and peer review their learning.

real gym diceThe new set of 8 real PE dice is based on the six multi-ability cogs, with two additional dice for a deeper review of learning. Not only can these dice be used to complement real PE, they can also be transferred to support other areas of the curriculum, giving you an invaluable resource to get cogs turning and minds rolling!

Click here to get hold of your set of real PE dice.

real_PE_DSC_0150_93789cd3-9b64-4099-89c3-51b031ecc901_1024x1024The new set of 8 real gym dice is for use with the activities in the real gym programme, with the real gym activities indicating when they can be enhanced by their use. The dice work with the Dice Matrix Poster and show all the unique symbols. By exploring different choreographic techniques, children can develop their skills in increasingly challenging situations, as well as extend sequence development.

Click here to get hold of your set of real gym dice.