real coaching


real coaching is a pioneering programme
which empowers coaches to make
life-changing differences and
deliver outstanding coaching.

Transforming coaching habits to develop children’s essential learning behaviours


real coaching develops coaches

What makes real coaching unique?
What makes real coaching unique?

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real coaching - transforming coaching habits


All coaches and volunteers working with 4-11 year old children.


Experienced Tutors with a growth mindset, identified/nominated by Partner to deliver the real coaching modules.

Contact us to find out how your organisation can be trained and licensed to deliver the real coaching programme to your coaches.


The price is £295 plus VAT and includes an unrivalled package of resources for each coach alongside a comprehensive and practical training programme which covers the following.

  • The power and influence of the coach and the life-changing difference they can make
  • Understanding and developing the whole child
  • Developing Fundamental Movement Skills
  • Creating healthy competition and using competition as a tool for learning
  • The power of language
  • Behaviour management
  • Self-review and profiling

Supporting resources

real coaching unrivalled supporting resources

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“real coaching addresses the real focus for any coach, regardless of what sport, age group or ability level they work with, which is creating a fun, high quality and engaging experience with their participants.”
Gary Laybourne, Coach Core Programme Manager,
The Royal Foundation