real gym competition winner announced

Thank you to everyone who entered the real gym competition and sent their fantastic photos, videos and quotes of children enjoying their gymnastics lessons.

It was a tough decision and after lots of deliberating, we can now announce the name of the winner who will receive a place on a real gym course…

Congratulations to Sarah Herbert from Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Catholic Primary Academy in Nottingham! Sarah tried the sample Lesson Plan with a Year 3 and 5 class and Sarah and the children loved it! See below her summary of the real gym lesson along with photos.

Star on large apparatus Star tuck pattern on beam yr 5

“At the end of the lesson they reflected on what they found difficult and all agreed it was having to move under pressure that was tricky. They all also understood how this would help them in many different sports situations – having to think fast under pressure. I would never have imagined being able to do that in a gymnastics lesson before.  So, whilst the quality of the balances did go down their physical literacy skills rose dramatically, as did their creativity. Children were forced to think of balance shapes they had never done before.

I know that, with time and a varied approach to teaching the skills the gymnastics will improve and the children’s enjoyment levels and multi sports advantages will remain high. Children were honest about who had helped them and really did try to coach one another, even though they were rushed through the activity.

It was quite different from the way I have been used to teaching gymnastics. I would love to try out a few more lessons. I love that all moves are offered to all year groups, something I have been doing for years and no other gymnastics resources have ever got right! Differentiation of gym skills is the same in a Year 3 class as it is in a Year 6 class so I’ve never understood why other schemes just suggest log rolls or standing star shapes for a Year 3 class and left the harder moves until Years 5 and 6, by which time the children are too stiff and scared to try new skills. Your approach to this differentiation is just what I’ve been looking for – thank you!”

Hanging star shape yr 3 Supported stars yr 5

The runner up was difficult to decide too and we narrowed it down to two who will each receive a set of the exciting NEW real gym Dice. The runners up are:

Chris Palmer at Brookmead School
Click here to view the pupils’ great comments about real gym. One of our favourite pupil quotes was: “I don’t like it, I love it because all of the games are fun and it gets you moving.” Elijah

Flo Head at Abington Vale Primary School
Visit the school blog and scroll down to the ‘Feedback after our first real gym session’ article for more details including fantastic videos of the pupils talking about their real gym experiences. Click here to find out more.

Get involved and try real gym!
If your school hasn’t yet tried a real gym lesson, click here to download the free sample real gym Lesson Plan and get your pupils excited about gymnastics!