real PE and real gym continue to grow

real PE continues to grow over the past academic year, with many more practitioners taking on the challenge to create positive early relationships with physical activity for life. Over the last academic year, we’ve seen 5,462 practitioners trained in real PE,  with 78 Create Learning Communities and 305 Whole Schools involved overall.

We’ve had a fantastic year in real PE, and a huge thanks to everyone who’s joined us and to all who have continued to work with us to redefine what’s possible. We look forward to hearing your stories and the impact real PE has had in the coming academic year.

real PE infografik 2013-16
The number of practitioners trained in real gym also continues to grow with over 600 practitioners now trained to deliver high quality gymnastics in schools and create rounded learners. The impact of real gym on children can be viewed in this great case study by North Town Primary School in Taunton. Click here to view.

We’re looking forward to enabling even more children to stretch themselves in the new academic year!

real gym infografik 2016