real PE update and another dimension

September has always been one of the most exciting times of the year for real PE and this year has been no exception. We delivered real PE Whole School Insets to 87 schools across the country during the month (70 of these in the first four days of term) across 31 counties working with over 1500 delegates.  October and November was just as exciting with 41 real PE Create Learning Communities taking place.  A huge thanks to everyone who attended and inspired us. We have loved hearing your feedback.

Another dimension
We’re also receiving fantastic feedback for the Create Review Dice, which teachers are utilising both in and out of the classroom. These dice are based on the six Multi-ability cogs, with two additional dice to support deeper learning. They encourage dynamic and creatidiceve work within PE, while supporting pupils to self and peer review their learning.

They are proving to be very popular and not only in PE lessons, as they can also be transferred to support other areas of the curriculum, providing an invaluable resource to get cogs turning and minds rolling!

Schools have been sharing how they are using them in many other areas including

  • Use alongside real PE review methods such as Time Shares and Reverse Time Shares to encourage all children to engage in review of learning.
  • Pupil led, collaborative review of learning and progress in all curriculum areas.
  • Pupil led review of learning behaviours and problem solving processes.
  • To deepen children’s repertoire for asking critical questions that help both themselves and others articulate reflections around their own learning and progress.
  • Personal, Social and Health Education lessons.
  • Left in the hall for pupils to use and explore.
  • Generating discussion amongst KS1 staff

Click here to get your hands on a set!


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