Rugby Primary PE Conference

We’re excited to be part of the Rugby Primary PE Conference.

Date: Friday 21st October 2016

Venue: The Collingwood Centre, Rugby School, Barby Road, CV22 5DZ

As part of the conference, we’ll be delivering two workshops on real PE and real gym, where delegates will have the opportunity to explore the resources and philosophies behind each of these innovative programmes. We’d love for you to join us for what’s sure to be a fantastic day.

You’ll have three opportunities to find out how we are redefining what’s possible and creating positive relationships with physical activity for life:

  • Take part in our real PE workshop to find out how this programme gives all children the physical literacy, emotional and thinking skills to achieve in PE, Sport and life.
  • Take part in our real gym workshop to find out how this innovative, inclusive programme explodes the myths around teaching gymnastics whilst enabling every child to stretch themselves.
  • Visit us on our stand in the marketplace, where you can talk to us about all of our programmes. 

Please contact Cathy Brown at for more information.