Step 3: Ready to co-deliver

First co-delivery to be unpaid and then paid 50% if further co-delivery agreed

  1. Tutor and prospective Tutor to agree which sections prospective Tutor will deliver.
  2. Regional Manager to order polo shirt and sample resources.
  3. Regional Manager to ensure prospective Tutor reads and understands all documents below:
    Guide for new Tutor resources
    Risk assessment and accident form
    IP/Confidentiality form
    Tutor observation form
    Guidance for self-review diary
    Self-review diary
    Initial Self-evaluation form
  1. Prospective Tutor to complete observation form of co-delivery.
  2. Regional Manager to complete observation form of co-delivery of prospective Tutor.
  3. RM to debrief prospective Tutor.
  4. Prospective Tutor to complete and send Initial Self-evaluation form to Regional Manager and book in time for discussion.
  5. Regional Manager and prospective Tutor to agree if further co-delivery required.