‘Sugar Tax’ Brings Excellent News for Sports Funding

In last week’s Budget, the Chancellor announced the Government’s new plans to introduce a levy on sugary drinks, alongside the fantastic news that the money from this ‘Sugar Tax’ will go towards increasing funding for Primary PE and Sports Premium.

The levy, which will be enacted from April 2018, aims to combat the health issues associated with consumption of sugary drinks and to cause companies to cut down on the amount of sugar added to their drinks. The tax will be placed on drinks with more than 5 grams of sugar per 100ml, with a higher rate in place for those that have more than 8 grams, and will not be applied to milk-based drinks or fruit juices.

We welcome the Government’s desire to combat these health issues, and are delighted to hear that the tax will result in a doubling of Primary PE and Sports Premium funding, taking the total amount of money for this purpose to £320 million per year. This is funding that is essential to schools when investing in PE that is supportive and challenging to all pupils across all ability groups, and we hope that the Government’s moves will further support schools in changing the culture of Physical Education. Create Development’s Managing Director Ronnie Heath said:

“It’s fantastic to hear that the government are increasing Primary PE and Sport Premium funding, and we remain hopeful that this move will enable primary schools to provide training for all staff so that they provide high quality early experiences to all children in the PE curriculum. In particular, we recognise that correct use of this funding can be invaluable in giving support to some of our most disadvantaged communities and vulnerable families, and hope that these groups will be at the centre of the Government’s plans”