Summer School Stardom

Cwmbran High School in Gwent, Wales has enjoyed some time in the spotlight following an exciting visit to their Summer School programme from ITV News. The segment focused in on the way that the Summer School programme, delivered by a team led by Andy Honey-Jones and developed by Create Development, has been helping Year 6 pupils to transition to secondary school by using physical activity to develop their key learning skills.

Pupils and teachers alike were interviewed on their experience throughout the week, where it had become clear that the programme’s focus of overcoming challenges had become an excellent opportunity for pupils to make friends and get to know the school. They had also been inspired by a visit from GB Duathlete and Create’s Family FUNS National Lead, Phil Wylie. As a result, the shy Year 6s that had begun the programme were now confident and working together, well aware of friendly faces to look out for when they arrive. The Summer School has also been of immense benefit to the Year 11s that have been Student Mentors for the programme, giving them the opportunity to enhance their leadership abilities and draw from personal experience. We’re pleased to see that this Summer School is clearly creating a positive impact on all involved and ensuring that the Year 6s have a strong relationship with learning when September comes around.

You can watch the interview below.

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