Vikki Roberts’ Create personal challenge

At the start of 2015, the staff at Create Development were asked to consider an exciting, personal challenge and to explore what personal and professional learning they might gain from the experience. It had to be something that they really wanted to do, may have already planned to do and it had to be outside our traditional skill set or really difficult for us to achieve. We’re sharing a selection of blogs documenting some of our successful and still progressing challenges, as we watch our team redefine what’s possible for themselves.

Last time we heard from Lesley Doughty about the ways that she’s been making small adjustments to make a big difference to her life – click here to read the article if you missed it. This time, we have a post from Vikki Roberts about her challenge to grow her own fruit and vegetables!

The Roberts family garden
When given the opportunity to challenge myself and embark upon something new, my brain was buzzing with possible opportunities, most of them physical and involving competition – due to health complications at present and imminent vikki garden 2surgery, I decided after much deliberation that growing our own fruit and vegetables would be fun, challenging and rewarding!

How I am going to do it?
I have already undertaken quite a lot of research and realised that growing fruit and vegetables isn’t as easy as it may seem; with so many different varieties of this and that, which soil, fertiliser to use etc. I have booked myself onto a beginner’s day course and bought a greenhouse. I am also volunteering once a month at a friend’s market garden learning how to look after the crops and helping her with her small business.
The greenhouse is not yet up, but I have managed to grow (with the help of my two little ones’ watering expertise) some seedlings to plant out soon. We have two planters in situ and I am pestering for a third but just need to clear a space.

The reasons I chose gardening/growing:
1. To improve my family’s health. I thought that if the children had helped to grow the fruit and vegetables they maybe more vikki diary 2inclined to eat it?!
2. Family fun. Spending quality time with the children outside and educating them.
3. Saving money on grocery shopping.
4. Reducing our environmental impact.

I have also been keeping a diary complete with photographs to show my evidence!